Farber History


The company expanded operations again in 2017 adding an additional plant with 145,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space located on 16 acres. Total sales, engineering and production space now exceeds 200,000 sq. ft.


The specialty business once again outgrew the building capacity and relocated operations into a 50,000 sq. ft. industrial plant. 


FSV purchases the assets of the Custom Coach Corporation and diversifies into premium bus conversions.

Kirwan Elmers founder of Custom Coach joins the Farber team (L-R): Ken Farber, Kirwan Elmers, Steve Farber


The specialty vehicle division moves into an 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility on the East side of Columbus, Ohio.


During the 1960’s the business diversified into recreational vehicle sales. 

Trailer Show c. 1969 (L-R) Charles “Robby” Robinson, Don McPeek, Don Farber, Lantie King, A.P. Diles

Shortly after the first Farber conversions were made to Dodge vans. Van roofs were cut out and extended with fiberglass tops to accommodate stand up room and camping equipment. The first Farber Specialty Vehicle!


“The Car of Tomorrow Here Today!” Farber awarded the franchise for the 1948 Tucker.

Serial numbers from the first 50 Tuckers distributed to dealerships. Farber took delivery of #12 in July of 1948.

The Tucker was like no other auto previously produced. It featured many safety innovations, including the first pop out windshield, padded dash, passenger crash chamber, and a center headlight which turned with the steering wheel. Powered by a helicopter engine mounted in the rear and capable of sustained speeds of 120 mph.

Tucker #12 on display today at the La Porte County Historical Museum

Tucker stock certificate

Don Farber holds a copy of a Tucker promotional brochure and a photo of his father, N.C. Farber

Farber Motors at 879 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio


The Farber automotive story begins in 1920 with an authorized Ford and Lincoln Mercury franchise, located in Westerville, Ohio.

Full Page ad October 1922

The Ford Sedan four-door, ready for delivery is priced at $725.00!
Falcon-Knight Model 10 Touring 1927
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