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FARBER: THE #1 Name in Specialty Vehicles

Founded over 100 years ago, the FARBER name has stood for quality, value and innovation. As we continue to drive the future of the specialty vehicle market, we’re proud to carry forward everything we’ve ever imagined, learned and engineered along the way. We’ve taken the best of the past and combined it with the technology of today.


  • Farber Specialty has delivered thousands of custom built vehicles and have pioneered many industry firsts specific to specialty vehicles.
  • ISO certified means our customers can have confidence we are committed to quality products and outstanding service.
  • All Farber vehicles are available on GSA ADVANTAGE* and OMNIA** Partners Cooperative purchasing contracts.
  • An engineering team will custom design your vehicle using 3D SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
  • CNC machines and computer synchronized press brakes turn CAD designs into exact production fixtures, resulting in better fitting parts, less waste and faster design cycles.
  • Experienced technicians provide training on the new vehicle and service after the sale.

We invite you to read more about the history of Farber Specialty Vehicles and our lineup of quality custom built vehicles.

* GSA ADVANTAGE is the online shopping and ordering system provided by the U.S. General Services Administration. Farber Specialty Vehicles has been a Multiple Award Schedule contractor holder for almost 20 years providing vehicles to thousands of Federal, State and Local governments.
** OMNIA Partners is the largest and most experienced purchasing organization for public and private sector procurement. All contracts available have been competitively solicited and publicly awarded by a government entity as the lead agency while utilizing industry best practices and processes.

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