The Farber service center will provide support throughout the life of the vehicle and will assist with warranty claims, establishing local service providers, and troubleshooting from the field.

The Farber service center should be contacted first for any warranty issue or repair. Eight electricians and craftsmen that have hands on experience with specialty vehicle manufacturing are dedicated to service.

Farber will help establish local service providers and can provide electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, and training videos. Field technicians are available if onsite assistance from Farber is needed and many parts are kept in inventory. These are key components to ensure quick and efficient solutions.

The Farber service department is available from 7:30 - 5:30 EST. Cell phone numbers of sales and service managers are available for 24/7 support. The service department can be reached at (800) 331-3188 or directly at (614) 452-8501

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