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Just wanted to send you a quick email.

As COVID monopolizes our lives, just wanted to give Farber some feedback. Your vehicle is great, and is performing perfectly. We’re very appreciative!

But I wanted to send another note…as you and your staff build these vehicles, I hope you take a moment to understand the scope and scale of what’s happening.

Last week, we vaccinated 3,500 priority populations using the truck as our vaccine hub for mobile clinics. We’re a “hub” site for Texas so we’re vaccinating 6,000 this week.

Likely thousands and thousands more next week. So if you can, please share with your staff that this vehicle is saving lives, one arm at a time.

I hope they tell their grandkids that they helped mobilize a response for the biggest global infection since 1918. That the engineering, conduit, materials, graphics, all of it matter.

Thanks for what y’all do and I hope the staff knows that you make our work possible.

- MR

Denton County Public Health.

Product ID Product Name
Metro Health 01 17387 Molloy College
Metro Health 01 17384 Atrium Health
Metro Health 01 17381 Metro Health
Metro Health 01 17347 Metro Health 01
Metro Health 01 17343 Prisma Health
Truman Medical Center 17341 Truman Medical Center
DeKalb County Board of Health 17322 DeKalb County Board of Health
University of Alabama 17318 University of Alabama
COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination 17999 COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination

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