Hearing Tests in a Comfortable Space

Anytime, Anywhere

Let us create a relaxing, quiet environment for you to screen patients and administer your hearing tests wherever you need to. Depending on space requirements, we can incorporate several sound booths into your vehicle, without skimping on the important things like generators lavatories, and heating and cooling.

Our interior designers will work with you to develop a soothing atmosphere that puts patients at ease during their visit and that meets all your functionality needs.

Product ID Product Name
St Louis Childrens Audiology 17111 St Louis Childrens Audiology
University of Houston 17036 University of Houston
Citi Boces 16581 Citi Boces
Mill Neck Services 16486 Mill Neck Services
Fayetteville VA Medical Center 16302 Fayetteville VA Medical Center
Camp Pendleton 16345 Camp Pendleton
BGE Co1175 BGE
Munson Medical 16442 Munson Medical
University of Central Michigan 16178 University of Central Michigan
VA Northport 16148 VA Northport

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