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Farber Specialty Vehicles


"Our salesman Rick Armstrong was very interested in our needs and was willing to help in anyway possible to ensure we received a functional and quality product..."

Billy Rhoads
Ft Hood Fire Department

"Rick Armstrong was amazingly professional and responsive to our needs from the very first query. Your employees are GEMS!"

Shelly Backlar
Friends of the Los Angeles River

"Everything, the professionalism, quality, attention to detail, and the willingness to no matter what make the project work for our organization... was like talking to old friends and not a sales staff."

Christopher Travis
Tacoma Police Department/Bomb Squad

"I recommend Farber Speciality Vehicles to anyone looking for a quality speciality vehicle."

Jim Clark
Ottumwa Police Department

"The professionalism and courtesy of the staff and knowledge of the engineers, made the project very smooth. I'm not sure if this is the small project you have ever done. But with the quality of the project, I would hope you would consider marketing it. I now have two quality Farber products"

J.D. Johnson
Columbus Regional Airport Fire Department

"Even though we were only spending $62,000 on a SWAT vehicle, they treated us like we were spending $200,000 and were sincerely interested in our opinion."

Loren Noska
University of Iowa Police

"Farber employees did a great job in advising us of build options that we never thought about. Ongoing communication was excellent during and after the build was / is excellent. All the employees we worked with made us feel welcome at your facility."

Mark Newcomb
City of Whitehall Division of Police

"I thought being able to work with the owner of the company on a personal level was a strong point of our relationship."

John Asher
State of Indiana/IPSC

"You will be receiving a letter thanking you for your great work and patriotism"

Mel Potts

"It was nice to have a person to speak with to walk you thru your project. It was wonderful to work with a professional business who actually cared about the customer and their project and delivered what they promised! We would do a Farber vehicle again and highly recommend them to anyone who asks."

Dave Todd

"It was extremely helpful working with a fellow law enforcement officer. He could answer the"cop" questions and knew what we were talking about and even what we were thinking. I would like to stress how nice it was to work with Farber and the amount friendship we felt when we came into town."

Chris Simmons
tah Department of Public Safety

"The whole build team did a great job, we are very satisfied with what we got. During our visits the built team was great and their motto was the customer is right and did their best to make things the way we wanted it."

Carey Hirtzel
Louisville Metro Police

"In a very tight time frame we had, Farber was able to complete and deliver a quality vehicle."

David Houghton
Department of Fire Service

"I have worked with a number of companies since becoming squad commander and I can say without a doubt Farber is by far the best. Every employee that we had contact with was helpful and friendly. Thank you."

Mark Fry
Toledo Bomb Squad

"Professionalism, and overall friendly and helpful attitude of senior staff and employees. Best experience that I've had with a vendor in my 29 year law enforcement career."

Capt. Dwayne B. Arceneaux
Lafayette Police Department

"Your crew were always on call for any questions. If your crew had any questions they made a point to make sure it was right before putting it into production."

Cook County

"I enjoyed working with your company and their employees were always responsive when I called and had a question."

Roger E. Triplett
Redstone Arsenal PD

"I would recommend Farber to anyone."

Lt Doug French
Alpharetta PD (GA)

"Any public safety agency in the market for a command or specialty vehicle should take a very close look at FSV. Their quality craftsmanship along with their competitive pricing is hard to beat."

Lou Vargo
Ohio County EMA

"Steve and Dennis were outstanding and responsive. Everyone who I came in contact with from Farber really tried to address our concerns. I believe that most if not all of the suggestions of Farber employees went a long way to influence a very functional and efficient bus. Nothing was done without careful consideration."

Chris Murtha
Prince George's County Police Department

"I was very impressed with the positive atitude expressed by all we had contact with."

Larry W. Shifflett
Harrisonburg Fire Department

"It felt like a very collaborative process."

Liz McMullan
Jaime Oliver

"I enjoyed the relationship that I developed with Rick Armstrong. While I know ours was not the only Unit being built, he certainly made us feel that way. Every question and every detailed was covered by him. He replied almost immediately to any emails."

Mark De Francesco
Albany County Sheriff's Office

"Being able to do site visits while unit was being built a real plus. During these visits staff was excellent explaining what was going on. Very receptive to change requests."

Kevin Joy
Beaver County Emergency Services

"Everything that was expected was received but, much more reached us than would normally be expected. The time frame was very tight yet FSV came through. They were exceptionally thorough. We did a large amount of work by strictly using e-mail and it worked perfectly. FSV did a superb job with the lettering and met the standards established by the University. Their radio and antenna work was exceptional."

Major Donn Herindeen
University of CT Police Department

"If I had a question, it was answered immediately."

Jack VanZile
Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office

"The attention to detail and the warmness I felt from the staff. I am extremely satisfied with my Dental coach and would highly recommend FSV."