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Farber Specialty Vehicles U.S. Communities full Farber Specialty Vehicles U.S. Communities mini

Farber Specialty Vehicles U.S. Communities full Farber Specialty Vehicles U.S. Communities mini

Farber Specialty Vehicles U.S. Communities full Farber Specialty Vehicles U.S. Communities mini

JUNE 1, 2016

Farber Specialty Vehicles Awarded Contract with U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance


Columbus, Ohio, June 1, 2016 — Farber Specialty Vehicles Incorporated (FSV) today announced that it has been awarded the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance “Specialty Vehicles” contract. The FSV contract was awarded after the lead public agency, The Port of Portland, Oregon completed a competitive solicitation and thorough evaluation process for specialty vehicles. This is the first time that U.S. Communities has provided a competitively solicited contract for specialty vehicles. The contract term is for three years, with two one-year renewal options.

Through this contract, agencies will have access to top-notch engineering, talented construction personnel and an elite service department dedicated to world-class service that build:

  • Mobile Police & Fire Command Centers, Crime Scene, SWAT, HAZMAT, Bomb & EOD, DUI-BAT Units
  • Mobile Medical, Dental, Mammography, Audiology, Health Screening, Blood Mobile Units
  • Mobile Classrooms, STEM Labs, Laboratories, Computer Labs
  • Book Mobiles
  • Custom Design and Build Projects
Supporting Quotes

“Farber Specialty Vehicles has clearly demonstrated to the Port of Portland, as the lead agency for this U.S. Communities offering, that this contract offers the best value available nationwide for State and local governments, education districts and special authorities. We are pleased we are able to share this opportunity to procure quality specialty vehicles at the best pricing with all public entities.”

Craig Johnsen Contract & Procurement, Port of Portland

“This contract provides the best overall government pricing and lets participants of U.S. Communities eliminate time-consuming RFP’s, accelerate the procurement process and quickly access our complete contract of over 100 units, and 500 various options. FSV helps organizations control project costs and improve productivity. This is a win-win for any public sector entity trying to balance services with tightening budgets.”

Steve Goodyear Vice President of Sales, Farber Specialty Vehicles

“We are very pleased to be awarded the competitive U.S. Communities contract, further underscoring our commitment to innovation in the public sector markets. Specialty Vehicles are a crucial aspect of operations within any public sector organization and the efficiencies achieved in these purchasing processes not only drive down operational costs but also increase employee engagement with the public that they serve.”

Ken Farber CEO, Farber Specialty Vehicles


Supporting Resources:

Email: USCommunities@farberspecialty.com

Facebook: Connect with FSV

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